2014-2015 Activities

Family Fun Craft Night

December 18, 2014

Coming soon

2nd Annual Craft Fair

December 6, 2014

Our Second Annual Craft Fair doubled in vendor size this year! We had better weather which we also believe contributed to more shoppers as well! Thank you to all of our awesome vendors and to all of those who came to support them!


Below is a link to the information on how to contact them if you would like to make additional purchases! Please look for information for NEXT year's fair at the beginning of next school year!

Pie Card Sales Celebration

October 20, 2014


We fell short of our goal of 500 pie cards so Mrs. Woodley and Mrs. Rael were safe from receiving pies in the face! However, we had three wonderful volunteers (teachers) who DID receive a pie in the face!


Mrs. Groth, 1st grade teacher, received the third highest amount of "votes" in her "Cat" jug. She received a whipped cream pie in her face by former student of hers, Tatiana Rohn-Penn (2nd grader), who sold the third highest number of pie cards.


Ms. Peters, our school librarian and her wolf jug received the second highest number of votes and Reid Langwell (3rd grader) got to give her a pie in the face for selling the second highest number of pie cards!


Mrs. Carreathers and her red-lipped mummy jug earned the highest amount of money and KINDERGARTENER,  sold the highest number of pie cards and got to get her in the face with a pie!

Village Inn Fall Festival

October 20, 2014


We had a great time celebrating Fall with our Hodgin Elementary Families! We had pie eating contests, costume contests, and Pie Box races! We earned almost $100! Ms. Janalyn Maes attended as did a few of her students so she earned a massage gift certificate from PIMA Spa!


Mrs. Woodley was also in attendance and was coerced into participating in the pie eating contest! That was a treat for everyone in attendance!


Voting for which teachers would get a pie in the face began as did the Pie Card sales!