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Minutes of Hodgin Elementary School PTA
General Membership Meeting

September 19, 2013


PTA President Teresa Rohn-Penn called meeting to order at 6:00pm. A 6 PTA members attended and 7 parents/faculty members attended.


Marissa from Papa John’s explained Papa John’s Fundraiser night for the entire school that they will be having starting every month. 20% of the funds will go the Hodgin Elementary School.


Approval of minutes from previous meeting was approved. Teresa explained that we will be able to vote via email and give voters a week to give an answer.


Treasurer Stephanie Yazzie went over the budget for the school year. As of to date, The PTA has account has $527.83. Stephanie went over the layout of the budget, what we are bringing in, what we hope to raise and what areas we would like to help the school out with.


Teresa let everyone know about the Albertson’s Community Partner.  Also she let them know about the “Give to Target” votes and the school of excellence surveys that were sent home with the students.


Looking at the budget worksheet, Teresa discussed some of the fundraisers we are looking to have for the 2013-2014 school year. The PTA board is considering a Papa John’s night, a craft fair, Village Inn pie/night, sweetheart carnival, school-mall, and t-shirts. Teresa explained each fundraiser. There were some feedback from parents and ideas.


Teresa also let people know about the specials we still have for membership until supplies last.


Regular membership is $7.00. The $20 membership special includes Village Inn pie card, and Papa Murphy’s discount card.

Principal Kimberly Woodley let PTA board and families know about how much funds she is receiving for Title 1. Also how much books were donated to the school for students.


Concluding to the meeting, Teresa asked for votes on which fundraisers we would like to do this year. 4 votes were in favor of the sweetheart carnival and for continuing Papa John’s fundraising night. (Mrs. Woodley motioned to split the funds with PTA and the school 50/50 of any funds received for Papa John’s fundraising night-nobody objected and all that voted were in agreement of doing so). No other objections were raised for the other fundraisers listed. Teresa informed the meeting that she would send out an email to all members for voting from those not in attendance at the meeting.


Teresa called the meeting to a close at 7:10pm.


approved 9-26-2013 via general meeting on 9-19-2013 and followup email

Minutes of

The Hodgin Elementary School PTA

General Membership Meeting

August 22, 2013



PTA President Teresa Rohn-Penn called the meeting to order at 6pm.  A quorum of  4 PTA members attended and 9 parents/faculty. (See attached sign-in sheet)

Approval of minutes from previous meeting was approved.

Reports of officers as follows-

PTA Teresa Rohn-Penn discussed Village Inn Fundraiser that took place on July 23,2013. Fundraiser was a success and PTA raised $90.48.

Treasurer Stephanie Yazzie briefly went over how much was earned from the Village Inn fundraiser and also the SchoolMall fundraiser which a check was received for $244.64. As of to date. The Hodgin PTA bank account has a total amount of $373.00. Teresa also reiterated PTA policy of “1 Fundraiser=3 activities for students/families.”

PTA president Teresa explained that Hodgin PTA is running a special on membership which is $20 and this includes Hodgin PTA membership + Village Inn pie card and Papa Murphy’s discount card. ($5 savings) After all pie cards have been sold, a special $10 membership + Papa Murphy’s discount card will apply. ($3 savings)

Next NMPTA Cyndee Gustke presented a new program about “The Schools of Excellence.”   Surveys will be passed out to families and need to be turned in by Nov.1 2013.

Principal Mrs. Kimberly Woodley talked about Instructional counseling and how  she would like to nominate a PTA member to attend the meetings along with school faculty. Also she explained how she would like to motivate students to read more.


Teresa Rohn-Penn asked the attendees of some ideas such as “50’s Back to School Sockhop” and how they feel about doing one? Also along with other ideas on fundraisers or any activities that will help build memberships for Hodgin PTA or to get more parents involved in volunteer opportunities at the school. A few ideas were discussed and opinions from attendees and PTA members.

Teresa also let the attendees know about the Albertsons Community Partners with Hodgin Elementary PTA and she explained how it will benefit the school to receive more money.

NMPTA President Kim Kerschen talked briefly about “The First Book” program and how teachers can receive discounts on books for their students. She also donated a book to the PTA for the school library.

There was no voting quorums to decide on funds.

In conclusion to the meeting, we had 4 new members join the PTA.

Teresa Rohn-Penn called the meeting to an end at 7:15pm.




Meeting Minutes