2013-2014 Activities

Village Inn 50s Night!

July 23, 2013

Hodgin PTA took a trip to the past and celebrated the end of a summer session at Village Inn with students and family and friends! It was the culmination of a successful fundraiser. "Pie Cards" were sold for $13. Purchasers could pick one of the fabulous pies at Village Inn and help the Hodgin PTA  help the students of Hodgin Elementary! Our Thanks to all who participated in both the pie card sales/purchases as well as those who joined us in raising funds at Village Inn celebration of the "Happy Days" we have at Hodgin!

Gift from NMPTA President Kim K.!

August 22, 2013

During our first PTA meeting of the year, NMPTA President Kim Kerschen presented Hodgin Elementary Library with a new book! Mrs. Kerschen's platform during her Presidency is literacy and creating a love of reading! We believe that we will be receiving more gifts of books from her! This is just one more reason we love her! Thanks, President Kim!